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Are you tired of searching for a networking solution that suits you and your project? Wouldn’t it be reassuring that with the right expert advice you can find a solution that matches your requirements as well as your budget? Well, look no further…


Whether you’re looking to improve your Wi-Fi signal, or maybe you want extra network connection points for audio equipment, smart televisions, game consoles and computers, we can run cables throughout your home, wherever they’re needed.


Security at Home


Everybody likes to feel safe and sound when they’re at home. When you go on holiday or work away from home for a given time, it’s reassuring to know your property is secure. If you’re running a business, a shop, an office, you’ll know that a little extra security goes a long way.


A security installation will keep you and your property protected.


That’s why, nowadays, more and more people are introducing CCTV cameras into their homes and the workplace. You see, CCTV acts as a deterrent and wards off any ‘unwelcomed’ guests, giving you complete peace of mind in knowing that your house is as safe as… well… houses.


But what can you expect? Well, systems vary from standard-definition cameras to HD cameras, including those with infrared night vision. You have choices regarding the size of hard drives, too. Better still is that all your security systems can be networked so that you can view images from your cameras on your mobile device on the go (with a Wi-Fi connection). Perfect for when you’re on holiday or working away from home.


AML Installations offer a bespoke service, and each individual package is built to meet and match all your specifications. So if you wanted a super-secure fortress, we can help make that happen.