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Hi all, we’ve been really busy this week with all kinds of exciting projects, and, as promised, we wanted to share some of our work with you

For example, we had the luxury of fitting a new 65” LG OLED – ULTRA HD 4K television, complete with LG music-flow HS7 wireless multi-room soundbar, providing the ultimate audio experience throughout the house


Also, this week, we’ve installed a 55” Panasonic television, with a Yamaha AV receiver, SONOS and Kef 7.1 home cinema speaker system.

And finally, we installed two 46” Samsung LED televisions with a Sky multi-room package. Pretty impressive, eh

We’re really quite happy with the results, and our clients, well they’re ecstatic. What do you think?

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All the best,

Ade and Paula.

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